Gravity is just a 5 min scooter drive away from Bingin, Impossibles, Dreamland and Padang Padang. Uluwatu and Balangan are only 12 min away! Some of the most famous Bali Surf spots are here !!!

Gravity Boutique Resorts is just next to the most famous Bali Surf Spots;  Bingin and Padang Padang. Uluwatu and Balangan are only 12 min away.



Bingin’s hollow, fast barrel is addictive for experienced surfers who know how to handle it.
However, expect competition from every visitor and local for all the barrels they can score for the day.

You should also watch out for the “stop sign”, the raised coral that has prematurely ended many a great surfing vacation for visiting surfers.
Take Bingin for what it is, a short left-hand wave that can cost you if you try to get more out of it than you deserve!

Wave Direction: Left
Swell Direction: SW
Swell Size: 3-6 feet
Ideal Tide: Low-Mid Tide
Ideal Season: May-September


A fast-breaking left reef break that can stay open for 300-meter thigh burners under perfect conditions. Be aware, your speed is essential to maintaining your ride, but don’t get too far out on the shoulder or you’ll miss out on the occasional shade thrown out by Balangan’s green room.  Under most conditions, expect a ride of about 50 meters and less if you don’t keep up your speed.

Balangan breaks well in most conditions but can close out and run away from you if you don’t keep up your speed.  Overhead plus, you can expect a steep, quick, and open left-hander that occasionally barrels at the peak and again on the inside. SE trade winds are offshore at Balangan and you will most often get an early morning and evening glass off.

Wave Direction: Left
Swell Direction: WSW
Swell Size: 3-12 feet
Ideal Tide: Low Tide
Ideal Season: April-October


Uluwatu has been attracting surfers since the Seventies. Uluwatu’s ve breaks o er surfers consistent swells with multiple chances to show o their skills. Not surprisingly, the place has grown quite crowded over the years!
Uluwatu provides the most exhilarating challenge during mon- soon season with the biggest swells hit the island. The temptation of taking on those fteen-foot waves should be tempered by knowledge of the dangerous conditions – don’t leave shore with- out a big board and a sturdy leash.

Wave Direction: Left
Swell Direction: S/SW/W
Swell Size: 4-8 feet
Ideal Tide: Low to High Tide Ideal
Season: May-September

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